SQLite book 2.3 - API 2 - updated to 2.3, Jan 2023

I Wish I Knew How To… Program #SQLite with #Xojo API2 Version 2.3 book has been released. It is a free update for Version 2.x purchasers. More book information can be viewed at scispec.ca/index.php/books and can be purchased at xdevlibrary.com


Updates to this book are based on one-to-many relational database code.

Updates to Version 2.3 – Jan 2023

  • Provided description information on an SQLite one-to-many relational database (Beginning Chapter 28)
  • How to add database tables that can be linked in a relational database(Example 28-1)
  • Add data to a table that can be linked in the future in a relational database (Example 28-2)
  • Add linked columnar data to an original table in a relational database (Example 28-3)
  • An example on how to retrieve linked data from two tables in a relational database using INNER JOIN (Example 28-4)
  • How to update data in a relational database (Example 28-5)
  • How to query multiple tables in a relational database using WHERE AND (Example 28-6)