SQLite and EndOfLine on MultiPlatform App ?

Check_Str = SQLite_RS.Field("PNom") If InstrB(Check_Str, EndOfLine) <> 0 Then

The code above does not works on Windows while it works fine on macOS (El Capitan and another lower version).

I noticed that sometimes, there are more than one line in fields here only one line is reqited (First Name / Family Name / Husband Name), so I added the code above to flag the error (if one or more EndOfLine character exists in the Field (named PNom above) and two others…

I installed the new versions before lunch on both macOS and Windows 7 computers and noticed a difference:

On macOS, I get a small list of errors (fields with more than one line)…
On Windows 7: nothing.
Nota: same sqlite file in both computers (I copied it from one OS to the other to be sure).
Also: Records are added from both computers, and manually copied to the other computer when a change is done (a MacBook Pro and a WIndows tower).

All advices will be considered.

ReplaceLineEndings may be needed.
Or on Windows you look for EndofLine.Macintosh?

EndOfLine character(s) are different for the different platforms. Since you use multiple platforms to input data, you’ll have to search for all the possible EndOfLine characters. See https://documentation.xojo.com/index.php?title=EndOfLine&oldid=55077

Christian, Jay: thank you for your answers.

So, EndOfLine is not multiplatform !

Excepted if there is another solution, all I have to Clean one db, move it to the other computer then in the application reject the EndOfLine.<this_platform> (since it is the same as EndOfLine.Linux) for future New Records (or something like that).

Am I right ?

Yes, if you clean your db, then have code in place to prevent new EndOfLine characters from being saved, then you will be fine.

Actually, EndOfLine is multiplatform - it contains the default EndOfLine character(s) for the current platform. There’s no magic - it’s basically just a compiled constant.

When I added the previous code, I resolved an immediate trouble; I do not think forward enough (I certainly had something else in mind at that time).