SQLite 3.8.11 (now 3.9.0) Provides Performance Improvements

SQLite continues to get faster with the release of 3.8.11. Two notable improvements since 3.8.8 was released in January are:

  • Miscellaneous micro-optimizations result in 22.3% more work for the same number of CPU cycles relative to the previous release. SQLite now runs twice as fast as version 3.8.0 and three times as fast as version 3.3.9. (Measured using cachegrind on the speedtest1.c workload on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with gcc 4.8.2 and -Os. Your performance may vary.)
  • Performance improvements for ORDER BY, VACUUM, CREATE INDEX, PRAGMA integrity_check, and PRAGMA quick_check.

<https://xojo.com/issue/40510> SQLiteDatabase: Update to SQLite 3.8.11.x

cool. If someone needs an MBS SQL Plugin with that update, please email me and I can send it out in minutes…

Nearly two months after release, is still the latest release so it’s probably a very stable version. If the schedule permits, please include this in 2015 Release 3.

Better .12 due to a bug.

OS X Yosemite is still at 3.8.5; I do not had time (think) to check what’s in El Capitan… in the GM candidate (Build 15A282b).

OK: I only check the home web page.

What bug? SQLite is the latest version.

Frederic: that is what I asked and get answer to.

Maybe the REAL question is: where can I read about 3.8.12 ?

GM is Golden Master which isn’t out yet.

.12 is in alpha and fixed a bug with VACUUM. It may be worth waiting.
I already compiled myself a plugin with latest code from repository to test.

I think this thread is a pretty good indication of why Xojo prudently waits a while before incorporating a new version.

We try to make sure we use well tested releases
That may not be the most up to date but being in the bleeding edge isn’t always a great thing either

That’s good to know. Thanks Christian.

<https://xojo.com/issue/40510> has been updated to indicate there is a Vacuum bug that should be fixed in 3.8.12.


We have update to SQLite engine 3.8.11 our 6.0.7 build of

  • Valentina Studio - sqlite plugin
  • Valentina SQLite Server

SQLite 3.9.0 has been released and fixes the Vacuum bug along with other bugs. There are some nice new features too. Visit the release history page for all the details.

AS we’ve mentioned we dont try to be on the bleeding edge
There’s a reason they call it that
Been there done that have the battle scars to prove that jumping on a .0 release is fraught with pain & suffering

[quote=220895:@Norman Palardy]AS we’ve mentioned we dont try to be on the bleeding edge
There’s a reason they call it that
Been there done that have the battle scars to prove that jumping on a .0 release is fraught with pain & suffering[/quote]
Not looking for the bleeding edge but a more current version. Any one of the ten SQLite releases since 3.8.8 would be a step forward.

We usually update plugins as part of a release cycle.
I won’t say we always do as there can be reasons we don’t - like trying to ship a 64 bit compiler & all it’s associated work which takes priority.

3.8.9 was released a matter of days before 2015r2 was released - it basically wasn’t available to use for R2.
We rarely update plugins or dependent libraries for one of our point releases.
Unless its part of a specific bug fix of ours OR its critical because of a bug in the library (like the 3.8.11 to 3.9.0 would have been had we been on 3.8.11)
So that left out updating them for 2015r2.1, 2.2, 2.3 or 2.4

And here we are - waiting on R3 with an updated version of Sqlite - this thread.
We try to use a version that has been out reasonably widely used & is tested & stable before we jump on it to avoid issues.
3.9.0 is so new its not prudent to update to a “point 0” release that is 1 day old.
That whole “bleeding edge” thing I mentioned

3.9.0, or one of its successors, looks to be the next likely one we will update to in some future cycle.
And we’ll evaluate which version to use at that time.