SQL Server - Mac & Linux

It looks like Microsoft has released ‘official’ ODBC drivers for MS SQL Server for use on macOS and Linux.


Has anyone here attempted to use the MS ODBC drivers with a Mac or Linux Xojo app using the ODBC plug-in? Has anyone been successful?

I can’t seem to get Xojo to recognize Microsoft’s official ODBC driver, but ActualTech’s 3rd party ODBC driver seems to work without issue on the Mac. Xojo doesn’t seem to even see the Microsoft driver.


Were you able to connect using the ODBC drivers from Microsoft using Linux?

I am trying to connect to our MS SQL using a Xojo web app running on a Linux server.

You could try it with MBS SQL Plugin. Just use the right connection string to load the right driver file.

Your link points to a one year old preview version 13.1 (February 2017).
Have you tried the drivers version 17 (February 2018)?

I run the ActualTech’s ODBC driver version 4.1.4 without any issue.