SQL Lite Data

Hi to all, How to insert a new record directly into SQL lite database without hardcoding the value in xojo.

take the data from what ever source … assuming it would be in some type of variable (since it has to exist somewhere)
create a Prepared Statement along the lines of

INSERT INTO whatevertable VALUES(?,?,?)

execute as required.

NOTE : While this answer is somewhat vague… so was the question… perhaps if you provided more details , so could I

Create a DatabaseRecord and use the command:

Db.InsertRecord("File", rec)

More information DatabaseRecord …

In SQL lite, I want to store in a column with 50000 characters as length, while I was pasting the records in Xojo, the application gots stuck and I was unable to do any operations.

In Mysql, I can be able to insert the data in workbench using the insert query command but in SQL lite any editor was there and the data stores in which location…?

Please, give more details if you want a clear answer.

50,000 characters ? ASCII or UTF ? (one or two bytes ?)

Did you declare that Column as Blob or ?

And so on…

That column as long text I have used in My SQL but in SQL lite I may be using Text, I was hardcoded the value it gets struck and the application got shut down.

Perhaps try an external SQLite editor?
I love SQLiteManager

If you can get your insert to work with that app, at least it’s possible and you can work toward figuring out what’s wrong with your direct implementation.

The xojo IDE is not really good for handling that. If you need to create the database and populate in runtime, you can try creating a CONSTANT. Other option is to have a text file with this value alognside the app.

But if is not mandatory to be created in run time, @Tim Parnell is right, use an external editor. Another FREE option is SQLiteStudio