SQL light -wal and -shl files

I understand that -shl and -wal are Temporary files created by SQL light.

Frequently when I need to do a backup of a database from Xojo Cloud the web application is still running the Temporary files are sitting Right next to the disk-based SQL light database (In the case of Xojo Cloud This is being put in the Shared_Documents folder )

What I’m trying to determine is it okay for me to simply copy the Main sequel light data base and ignore the temporary files? Would this result in loss of data?

I can still/quiet the application to make sure that there are no user transactions going on if necessary.

No, if those files exist, you need to copy them too.

When you switch off Multiuser mode before quitting the app, the files are included in the database itself, so you can copy only the sqlite file.

In normal operation, if the database is closed before the app terminates, sqlite has time to clean up the files. They are journal files. There are pragmas you can use to turn them off entirely, but that is not recommended, as an improper termination can lead to lost data or corruption. https://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_journal_mode lots of details.