SQL for this dummy

I was looking at the example projects but theres no documentation that I could find as to what ‘external’ items I need to install - if I have to at all.

Do I need to install MSSQL Server, or MySQL BEFORE I launch teh example project?

Total noob at this. If theres an instruction sheet on how the example works I am all eyes.


If the sample uses SQLite, you don’t need anything else. Those are a good place to start.

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When I run the example, and click on the connect to database radio button, the project crashes…or goes to teh debug window with an error

Show us the error.

What example are you running? What version of Xojo?

Latest version of Xojo is what I am running. 2020r1. The earlier versions do the same thing.

I have tried the MSSQLServerExample, and MySQLExample projects. If you run them and click CONNECT to database you will see what the issue I am having is.


You will need to be able to connect to a Server and you’ll need to update the connection parameters before the example will work.

I would suggest starting on the SQLite example as the engine is built into your application.

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What I tried to say, and Wayne said it better, if you are new to SQL start with SQLite examples and learn SQLite.

You may get frustrated if you try to make the MSSQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL examples to work (you need to install the Server, create the credentials, update the examples to use them, etc).

You can do very good things with SQLite. As you learn about SQL then you can look into using those servers.