Spotlight importer for OS X ready

If you like to be able to search your Xojo or Real Studio projects with Spotlight (only on OS X), you can now install the newly updated importer (Xojo used to include this importer in their IDEs, but they stopped it about two years ago).

Get it here:


I was thrilled to see this and immediately installed it, but now it seems like Xojo is taking significantly longer to run large projects in the IDE. As a test, I’d like to try uninstalling it. How would I do that?

The reverse of how you did install it: Remove it from where you put it.

That makes perfect sense. In my case, given my general ignorance of shell commands, that’s a much more difficult task than it would be for someone like you.

I’ll head over to my local community college and sign up for a computer science class, with luck that will teach me what those commands did and what I need to do to undo them. If not, well I can always buy a faster computer…:slight_smile:


John, the importer was copied into /Library/Spotlight, so just remove it from there.

Got it, thanks!