Spotify API Authorisation

Is there anyone here who worked with the Spotify API?
I do have the Chilkat plugin. That should take care of the oAuth part, I think. But for some reason I can’t get it to log in.
I did register my app on the developers section. So, I do have a client ID and client secret

I’ve done it some time ago without any plugin, but I’d have to look it up if you’re interested.

Edit: oh, I was using a browser to login.

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Very interested :slight_smile:

The whole oAuth thing used to be very confusing to me, every single time I needed it. A plugin just made it a lot simpler to implement.

Yeah, same as for Facebook and Google logins. They all use browser. I usually use a window with an HTML viewer. After the login-response is returned, I can gracefully close that window. This way there are no browser-tabs laying around, collecting dust.

Sounds like what I’m doing. Here’s the URL that goes out, does that help?

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What response do you get back from OAuth? I have an old example for Gmail/OAuth at . It doesn’t work anymore. But it should show you the flow of the code.

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