Splash screen for medical disclaimer iOS

Hello. The app I am working on is for use by dietitians in the field. I am wanting to include a disclaimer for the user to agree to the terms. The terms are beyond Apple’s license and would include the jargon of “using clinical judgment over the results presented in the app, etc…”

At first run, agreement would come up as a splash screen (just a generic view). User reads agreement, clicks accept and is brought into the app. I figured how to work this on an iPhone screen, but the problem I am coming to is with the iPad screen. I have this set as a split screen and want the initial agreement to be presented as a full screen.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to proceed on this?

Have you looked at other medical apps on the iOS store for examples?

Because iOS apps cannot terminate themselves you have no way of really doing anything about a user who does not agree to the terms, other than sitting on a splash screen - and if you do that it might get rejected as useless if it doesn’t get rejected for having it’s own agreement.

You might also consider seeking advice from Apple with how to proceed, they may have recommendations on how to present a legal disclaimer in compliance with their App Store rules.

With regard to custom agreements, I have one for my app but it is uploaded to the App page in iTunes Connect so it appears in the App Store page, rather than within the app. Apple wants approval rights over custom agreements and therefore I agree with Tim - you might run into issues trying to present this in your app and there is no way to terminate the app in any case. Also you’ll want to avoid showing anything in the application loader that a user needs to read and agree to as you’ll get terminated by WatchDog for failing to scene transition in a timely fashion.

Thank you both for your replies.

Yes, after I wrote this post, I decided to search for some current projects on the store and downloaded a few free ones. Some did have the custom agreements. At least with this, I can see that it can be done and got some ideas on how to make this work

Great point! And I did reach out to Apple yesterday seeking advice and got a response later in the day with some links to the Apple Dev site. I haven’t looked at them yet but will today and have them posted below in case anyone else may be looking for doing this with their projects

App Store Review Guidelines

Apple Developer Program License Agreement

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Apple Trademarks and Copyrights