Spinning Pizza of Death when selecting Run

I’m developing an iOS app using the latest version of Xojo on an M1 mini running MacOS 12.2.1.

Mostly it’s nice and snappy, but about 1 time in 10 when I select the Run button I get a SPoD and Xojo goes completely unresponsive for several minutes. Then suddenly I get the compiling pop-up window and shortly later the app launches in the Simulator as usual.

Running Activity Monitor does not show any CPU or other resource usage when this occurs.

Appreciate any thoughts you might have.

code signing

Sophos antivirus or equivalent causing a long delay?

When you press run or CMD+R release the buttons asap, if you hold it for too long it may cause a delay. i think greg once said that an since forever i’ve not had delays after that.

Nope, no AV installed. And no CPU activity by any process.