Speedy encryption and decryption

Hi all,

I need a really fast way to encrypt and decrypt json strings.
I’m storing some proprietary information in a database that has to be open so that some of the tables and rows can be used by anyone.
Since there can be a ton of these little json strings I can’t have it bog down too much.


CipherMBS class

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Thanks Christian. Looking into it now.

The classes in my M_Crypto module are pretty fast and we use them in production every day, if MBS isn’t an option.


MBS is always an option, but I may check out yours as well.
Thanks for the response.

That class by Kem Tekinay is abselutely briliant!! For speedy encryption and decryption of JSON, specifically if large amount of text, I recommend his class, and using Blowfish enc/decryption.

p.s. THANK YOU KEM for the class!!!

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Hi @Chris_Halford

Maybe you want to take a look also into ARC4 implementation using Xojo code (fast and secure enough for many purposes).

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Eh, I’d use Blowfish over ARC4 given that enough vulnerabilities have been found with ARC4 for Mozilla and Microsoft to recommend it be disabled, and IETF prohibits it entirely. I mean, why bother when Blowfish is so readily available?