Speed up CLong() function

Looking on hat debugger spends time one, it seems like CLong() may be used frequently, so its performance is important for a lot of other things.

Seems like CLong calls ConvertEncoding and waste a lot of time to make sure an UTF-8 string I pass is actual UTF-8.

Please check runtime framework for such functions to avoid calling ConvertEncoding, if the encoding is already UTF-8 or ASCII, so you don’t invoke ConvertEncoding and TECConvertText in that case at all.

e.g. see this sample result:

  • 114 REALbasic.CLong%i8%s (in Xojo) + 19 [0x107498c53]
  • 110 runCLong (in XojoFramework) + 60 [0x11a292da6]
  • ! 109 ConvertEncoding(string, unsigned int) (in XojoFramework) + 245 [0x11a41fa2d]
  • ! : 50 ConvertTextMacOS(OpaqueTECObjectRef**, stringStorage*, unsigned int, unsigned int) (in XojoFramework) + 190 [0x11a41f768]
  • ! : | 41 TECConvertText (in CarbonCore) + 193 [0x7ff81f5278d4]
  • ! : | + 40 TECConvertTextInternal (in CarbonCore) + 697 [0x7ff81f527bdc]
  • ! : | + ! 40 ConvertFromUnicodeHook (in Unicode Encodings) + 162 [0x1296f6a90]

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It seems that CLong is deprecated.
Have you checked String.ToInt64 as well?

This is not for my code.

The debugger in Xojo itself uses CLong() for some things internally, so I saw that.

I’m sure you know much better than me about this.
I just wanted to know the best way to use this function.