Speech recognition authorization

Attempting to get speech recognition to work on an iPad app using MBS plugins (thanks, Christian).

The first thing one needs to do is ask permission of the user. I got that up and clicked “no.” Now it doesn’t show the dialog any more and goes straight to the response with “no.”

Is there any way to clear this so I can get to “yes”?



If one goes to Settings->Privacy & Security, it’s possible to turn speech recognition on, which will allow me to continue; but it would be useful to clear it completely.

The typical flow here is you can provide a deep link to your apps settings and instruct the user to update their selection to get the features of your app. Once they select no you can’t clear it since then apps would abuse that to try to get access to things they should not

See UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString | Apple Developer Documentation

You have the NSSpeechRecognitionUsageDescription entry in info.plist?
For the reason string to show the user.

And users can decide whether they allow it.