Specifying Save As menu item shortcut key in Windows

I’m creating a Save As menu item and I understand that in Windows the shortcut key for Save As is F12 (no Ctrl in front of it). Is there a way that I can specify that in the Key property of the MenuItem or do I have to hard code it: SpecialMyMenuItem.KeyboardShortcut = “F12”?

Ctrl-S is very often used today.

Thanks for your response, Michel. I’m using Ctrl-S for the Save menu item. I understand for the Save As menu item you have to press F12. I tried it on Microsoft Word and it works. But when I enter F12 into the Key property of the menu item, Xojo automatically writes it as Ctrl-F12 in the menu. Is there a way to tell Xojo that it’s not to have Ctrl in front of it - that just F12 is to show?

Just switch off Menu Modifier after confirming F12.