SpecialFolder Downloads ?

I wanted to set SpecialFolder.Downloads to InitialDirectory, but I do not found it.

(My) Wrong idea or docs missing ?


Thanks Axel.

However, this is very strange.

I know this is an old thread… but is this still the correct solution…especially for Windows (7, 8 or 10)???
I need to be able to place a file in the correct (and expected download folder) for any macOS/OSX/Windows OS


I suppose it depends on how you define “expected” – browsers generally have a preference/setting for the default path for downloads. It may begin as the path mentioned in the thread, but that does not mean a user has not changed it. For example, I’ve seen plenty of people who set their default download location to their desktop. So I don’t know there is “correct and expected” download folder. But I’d say that path is as good as any…

I thought of SpecialFolder.UserHome.Child(“Downloads”) also. The problem for me is localization. I suppose that one could use a dynamic constant for the “Downloads” string, but SpecialFolder.Downloads WOULD be nice :slight_smile:

In the meantime, my app sets the default download location as the desktop (which is how I like it, anyway), which the user is able to switch.

Have you filed a feature request in Feedback?

<https://xojo.com/issue/41113> ‘Download’ folder to SpecialFolder

I have found that the workaround using SpecialFolder.GetFromDomainandCode is broken on 2019r2. Returns ~/Library instead of ~/Downloads. Filed #58177