Special Folder?

I’m looking at an example “HIGH SCORE” project that writes the players scores to some place hidden on my MacBook Pro!
The code to write the score is: SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.child(“MyHighScores”)

Where is that? It works, I can quit Xojo, and when I reopen the scores still show, but I cannot find the “MyHighScores” file on my computer.


where is it… you have to create it…

SPECIALFOLDER.APPLICATIONDATA points to an existing location on your computer
but the CHILD (ie. sub folder) is your responsibilty to determine if it exists, and to create it it does not.

Perhaps the example program failed to add that bit of code

Also, the “ApplicationData” folder is in your user library in OSX, which is hidden by default.

This command, in terminal, will unhide that folder:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

In 10.11 and later you can even get it back with View Options on your Home folder.
Open your home folder (cmd-shift-h) select View > Show View Options (cmd-j) and it’s the last checkbox.

Or in the finder just “Go To Folder” (cmd+Shift+G) ~/Library/Application Support