SpeciaFolder.Desktop and iCloud Desktop

I have an app that has to access specialFolder.Desktop: when I run it, it correctly access it; yet a user of mine gets the Desktop of iCloud (he says he needs iCloud running).
From this forum I came to know that there are two Desktop (and Documents) folders: the one in users/home and one on iCloud.

So in order to avoid having iCloud interfere, I thought of accessing the Desktop calling:
SpecialFolder.UserHome.Child(SpecialFolder.Desktop.Name) instead of calling: SpecialFolder.Desktop. Might it work?

It might be better to check if the user syncs Desktop and Documents to iCloud. ~/Library/Mobile Documents should have folderitems Desktop and Documents. It’s on my to-do list for checking but I don’t ever want to use this on a computer I actually use.

Yes, he does and he is positive about carrying on doing it. So when he opens my app, the app calling SpecialFolder.desktop retrieves data from iCloud Desktop.
That is the reason of my workaround (if it works).

This is the whole purpose of synching Desktop and Documents to iCloud. So what are you trying to do?

I’m trying to populate a listbox with the content of the user’s Desktop (calling specialfolder.Desktop) but what he gets is the Desktop of iCloud.

There is no difference. iCloud IS the desktop.

Good to know. Thank you.