SPACE, TAB etc as property bug?

Hi all,

I like to add a a few constants, properties, and computed properties to my apps to make it easier to access certain characters and also to make it easier to follow the source code.

Some are colour constants, others are strings.

Among them are Tab, EOL, Space, etc.

I noticed that if I add them as Constants and add a space or a tab in the default value then that works just fine.

But if I add them as properties and enter their value (space, tab) in the default value, then that entered value disappears as soon as I leave the default value field.

I think this is a bug, or is there a rationale behind that?

I don’t know the answer, but I am curious… Why would you want them as properties instead of constants?

BTW I always do TAB as a constant… But EOL I can understand. I do that as a read only computed property using Static so I can keep the code shorter (So easier to read) but don’t need to keep calling EndOfLine for X-Platform code.

  • karen

I usually have them as constants or computed properties. I just stumbled across the problem with properties in a quick and dirty test example … I would expect a space as default to remain there, but it doesn’t. Neither do some other characters.