South of England User Group

Is there any interest in a South of England/London user group? Whether it be just to meet together every so often for a beer and swap ideas, or something more formal. If there’s interest I don’t mind doing some coordinating, so leave a comment below if your interested.

I live in The Netherlands, is that a problem ?
BTW: FlyBe has direct flights to SouthHampton and I know there is a nice bar at SouthHampton airport.

We do have a london user group that hasn’t done anything for the last few years.!forum/realstudiouserslondon

Hi Richard.
If there is a location that I can get to count me in.
Rgds Bill Kearney

Where are you located??? Bill

Good morning Richard

I work from home in the sunny Cotswolds. A little north of Swindon, by car M4 to M25 is about 1hr20. My attempts to meet with the London group failed miserably because of the cross London timescale.

Rgds BBK…