SourceList control on GitHub

If anyone is interested in downloading/contributing or whatever, I have put a SourceList control on GitHub which was started and works but needs tidying and finishing off. See what you think, it would be nice to get it finished for all to use if interested.

p.s. I have never used GitHub so it is a first time attempt.

Nothing there.

It’s empty.

Maybe save the project as Xojo Text File and upload again?

I did say it was unfinished. No joking. I’ll try again. My github use is non existent so I thought there may be problems.

With a desktop client like Sourcetree, it’s not so difficult. Give it a try, maybe. :slight_smile:

Right, think I sorted it and it is on GitHub now. Excuse the messiness off the project but I hope this can be tidied and developed. Again my first attempt with GitHub so bear with me.

Hey Mike,

Any luck with the GitHub situation? All I see on there is an empty project with just a readme file.

I have quite a bit of experience with GitHub, so if you have any questions, maybe I can help you get it posted.

If nothing else, any chance you’d email me a copy :slight_smile:

Hi Lonnie, I ended up scrapping the last project and worked on a new one. Screenshot below. At the moment you can add Headers and menu items as shown, cannot collapse items or nest items, I would like to add more features. Are you interested in this, I can post this to GitHub but would love people to contribute

A well written canvas source list always interesting

I think what I will do before I post to github is document it and comment the code better. At the moment it is put together for my use only and may be hard to follow