Sound Scope different on Windows vs OSX

I am trying to have background mp3 music playing while sound effects (example: gunshot) plays over the music while the music continues playing in the background. The sounds play properly on my MacMini, and does not allow background music on Windows.

When the Gunshot button is pressed in the Properties GroupBox, a gunshot is heard (good). Press the Background-play button and background music plays (good). Press the Gunshot button again, and background music stops while the gunshot is heard on Windows (not good). On OSX the background music continues to play while the gunshot is heard (good).

I am able to start playing the background music in a thread, and am unable to stop the music. The gunshot sound does play over the background music though.

Here is the program.

Am I missing something with the scope of sound on Windows?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Start in the thread the background sound play and then push the gunshot button and it works fine on Windows 10. IMHO there must be something wrong in the logic of activating the sound. In an earlier example of you it also was possible to play 2 of these sounds through each other without a problem.

Hi Andre. Yes, it seems that quickly pressing the buttons to active a short sound will make them overlap each other.

Yes, this works well. However, starting the sound in a background thread, pushing the gunshot button, and then trying to stop the background thread sound does not seem to stop the sound.

Thanks for confirming this possible issue with sound. I’ll create a feedback report.