Sort left hand column in Xojo

On left in Xojo project, where you see all your forms and objects and folders… it is sorted randomly.
It is making it hard to find anything,

WHy is it not automatically sorted alphabetically?

How do I change it to sort it alphabetically?

Cannot resort it… best you can do is drag things around

Wow that seems pretty dumb… maybe they will fix it.

That’s your opinion. Feel free to create a Feedback request asking for it to be automatically sorted if you feel that strongly about it.

However, I don’t want my Navigator list sorted as I want them in the position I put them in. And that’s my opinion. :slight_smile:

But it WOULD be nice to have the OPTION to sort it… but otherwise I agree.

I’m not following this… ALL of my items below the top level items ARE sorted alphabetically and I CANNOT rearrange the items manually. When I create a new method or add a control the IDE places it in alphabetical order. Honestly I’d rather manage this manually, but how?

Release 4.1.