Sometimes, no news is bad news

Here’s a problem which Xojo is strugging with:

  • Xojo puts out a new feature
  • I try to use it and it works…
  • … but has bugs (or maybe it works fine on platform A but is critically broken on platform B)
  • I submit bug reports and feedback requests
  • over time, it never really gets fixed
  • eventually I get tired of waiting, and have to act.
  • I may (A) write my own version using pure Xojo, (B) use a plugin, or in some cases (C ) stop using Xojo for this project.
  • since I’ve moved on, I stop filling bug reports, Xojo assumes the problem has gone away.

It’s my opinion reading the other threads that this problem is big, and Xojo does not understand just how big it is.

Two Examples - one old and one new:

  • StyledText / RTF : is pretty much unusable with more than a few KB of text. I gave up on it years ago and wrote my own RTF parser. This one is old.
  • Web 2.0 / Responsive design: there are critical bugs where changing the Contents of a WebUI control resets the location. I’m writing my own JavaScript routines to work around this. Once my javascript hacks are in place, I’ll have little motivation to keep filing bug reports. This issue is brand new, and may have a different outcome, but I see the same pattern emerging.

Can I give more than one like here?
Yes, I am afraid the company still does not realize what it is creating by driving out their Pro users the way you described – and sometimes even more directly.

But you see how fast a request for a bug fix release can be cancelled. With explanations given that almost make me cry.


As we said on the other thread, we are not opposed to the concept but that particular case just was not specific at all.

Nonsense, I brought this exact same thing up (A Major Bug Only Release) a few days ago and was ignored and told to cite exactly how bugs were affecting me and that if I could not do so that his time was better spent elsewhere

Can I give more than one like here?

You don’t have to, the likes count are climbing into Class A airspace.

But you see how fast a request for a bug fix release can be cancelled. With explanations given that almost make me cry.

Not an exaggeration, you and me both.


Not true. They have answered this many times. Not just now but through the years. We maybe don’t like the answer, but the answer hasn’t changed. They don’t really want the users to tell them how to do their job. Its their way or the highway, and all peripheral conversations are just to give the impression that change could happen. But let’s be honest, the system hasn’t changed in over 10yrs, the same issues are still there and.not going anywhere, why would anyone think there is a change coming. It isn’t. It is all smoke and mirrors, if the feedback is too broad then it is not specific enough, if it is too specific then you are telling how to do it which is not good either. The system is great for what is does; allow deferral of responsibility for years to come.


Anything that we can provide in Xojo or as plugin will be done ourselves sooner or later.

But what we can’t fix are issues in the IDE, the compiler and core framework parts.
I can make my own JSON, XML, Graphics, PDF, Files, RTF, etc. classes.

But I can’t make the compiler cache the stuff it recreates for plugins on each launch! (61561)
Add the missing function names (61848), the IDE detect it’s quarantine status (58591) or make the compiler to report plugin declaration errors on Windows (61849).
That are core issues, I can’t fix myself.