Sometimes Event Handlers list unavailable

I notice often that, after adding a control to a WebPage, attempting to add an Event Handler to it isn’t possible. That is, when I call the Add To … menu (or the + menu), Event Handlers is greyed out on that menu. I find that sometimes moving around the Navigator here and there, opening and closing this or that item, and then returning to the control in question, I can finally get Event Handlers to appear in the Add To … menu. Is there an easier trick to make that happen?

Yes, the IDE sometimes takes a break before it updates new controls. I have usually found a project check when the control is not activated in Navigator and then returning to it does the trick.

Save the project and you will get the handlers.

Michel. I wanted to do anything BUT save the project, as I haven’t tested it with the new control.

Thanks. I’ll try that next time it happens.

I save in Downloads when I am not sure, to avoid ruining the working file.

It does not hurt either to save incrementally in case of a major mistake.

I use version control, save like mad and revert when things dont work as expected
Sometimes toss the entire days worth of work away

Yeah. I do save to different version names during during different development stages. I’ll just do it more frequently, which has the side benefit of helping this particular inconvenience.

I dont save to different versions - ie/ manually renaming the project “version X”, “version Y”
I save to the same version and maybe revert work etc
that way I can look in the version control system & see everything I’ve done - whether it worked or not

Ah, I see, Norman. You use real Version Control, like Subversion or GitHub, which I’ve never used. I may think about that. With Filemaker development, I’ve always used a script that made a copy of the current project, inserting a timestamp in its filename. I may look at Xojo IDE Script to see how that might work with Xojo.

I’d learn how to use a real version controls system and save as text
Versioning systems have a lot of flexibility & can really make life a whole lot simpler AND give you a means to easily look at what Changes you’ve made over time to your project
Way back when I used to do the manually copy, rename etc as well
Ever since I learned how to use svn etc AND also run a local SVN server its so simple to do that it just seems silly not to
And with the advent of so many free / hosted services you can even get a nice offsite copy JUST in case anything disastrous happens

I tried github but never quite understood the logic.

git is definitely different
SVN makes sense to me so its what I tend to use

Ok. I see Paul made an Xojo video on Source Control. I’ll watch that and see how this all works.

[quote=256768:@Norman Palardy]git is definitely different
SVN makes sense to me so its what I tend to use[/quote]

OK. I will give it a try. What is the best client for Mac ?

“Best” is subjective and you’ll get several different answers
Versions and SmartSVN are used a bunch
Assembla (folks who will give you a free svn repo) have a list

I use one that is the exact same on OS X, Windows & Linux as it’s java based
UI is ugly as sin but it IS portable which means what I’ve learned about it on OS X works on Windows & Linux too

Thank you Norman.

Also at assembla is a tutorial on how to set up a local SVN server on OS X (I’d guess there are others for Linux & WIndows but haven’t looked)
That way online or offline you can always have an SVN server and use source control