Something Strange with Dynamic String Constants on Raspi?

I’ve been working a bit on an extension of my Raspi/OpenWeatherMap demo and thought of a human readable wind direction.
So I took the Winddirection in degrees as Double and run it through a select case:

Get select case WindDirection case 11.25 to 33.75 Return kNorthNorthEast case 33.75 to 56.25 return kNorthEast case 56.25 to 78.75 return kEAstNorthEast case 78.75 to 101.25 Return kEAst case 101.25 to 123.75 return kEAstSouthEast case 123.75 to 146.25 return kSouthEast case 146.25 to 168.75 return kSouthSouthEast case 167.75 to 191.25 return kSouth case 192.25 to 213.75 return kSouthSouthWest case 213.75 to 236.25 return kSouthWest case 236.25 to 258.75 return kWestSouthWest case 258.75 to 281.25 return kWest case 281.25 to 303.75 return kWestNorthWest case 303.75 to 326.25 return kNorthWest case 326.25 to 348.75 return kNorthNorthWest else return kNorth end select End Get

Nothing very sophisticated. The returned string constants are often static constants, but all those containing “East” are dynamic constants and in case of German return an O for Ost instead of E for East, so kEastSouthEast is “ESE” as default and “OSO” in German.

I print those constants to the console and to a LCDDisplay. Strangely, in console the upper result reads like “O S O” and comes out with probably Chinese signs between each wind direction abbreviation. I tried Text constants, but the same result. Do I have to define an encoding?