Something About Valentina... Or is it Me?

Hi Rick,

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. I can appreciate that you are upset by your experience. Ruslan also is a bit upset by your response here (for reasons Ill explain below).

Posting something like you did here puts us into a difficult position in terms of a response. Here is what I know, as of today, about Paradigma Software’s direct communications with you:

  • The only time a block happens is when there are multiple, failed attempts to log in, which is a necessity in this age of brute force, scripted site hacks. The duration is limited though, and based on IP address; unblocking people is easy once we know the IP address. Most people who are blocked just try the next day, which is well after a block is removed. Since its IP based, that wouldn’t affect using the site from some other network, like a phone, or a laptop on another network. My guess is that you reblocked yourself several times.

  • I just checked and you haven’t initiated any private conversations with us here on the Xojo site. I don’t recall getting any email directly from you or seeing any posts on the Valentina mailing lists either about the access problems.

  • Ive checked out FB page’s message queue and found that you sent one message there in February, and you were in extensive contact with Ruslan by email after that on 2/24. There is nothing after that on FB. Since you had his direct email address, if you were subsequently blocked, you could have contacted Ruslan that way.

  • Did you try to call us? We are based in the United States and typically someone picks up immediately during business hours. Usually I answer the phone myself (my extension is, because of the shape of my desk, right in front of my face).

  • My understanding is that Ruslan has replied many times to your questions, directly, by email. He provided you with an additional, especially tailored for you “How to” project to help you get started, and added a progress bar and try-catch block on exceptions example. This was not an example project we supply to all customers, but something Ruslan made especially for you, because you expressed a great deal of urgency. Building projects for companies is something for which we charge.

What else can I say? What else could we do better for you?

I’ve been using Valentina for a couple of years and I don’t think I’ve ever had to login to access the docs. AFAIK it’s open to the public to view.

Lynn et al,

The temporarily block prevent me from accessing Paradigma Software whole site, including Wiki etc

Believe me, this create badwill within a nano second. I’ve been a customer since version 4 and Valentina DB is in my opinion a superb DB.

But customer service is something that need to be improved, right?

I think the documentation can still be accessed when you’re account is locked.

Since I already set you directly an email about this yesterday to which you did not respond, I don’t think it needs further discussion here.