Something about the Code workspace

If you hold the [Delete] key to delete a long sentence of words, the words on the right hand side of the cursor moves left and goes delete. However, if the page is too long and a vertical scroll bar appears, when you hold the [Delete] key, the words on the right hand side still deletes but the screen doesn’t refresh until you release the [Delete] key.

Platform: Windows 10, Xojo 2017r1.1

File a bug report in Feedback.

Filed #48671

On going issue, going way back. Even in some of the better Xojo releases over the years, it is on issue on pages with lots of code. After numerous conversations with Xojo, about the best that could be done was for me to back off on my keyboard repeat rate in the Control Panel some, and strike a happy balance. Probably not what you want to here, but that’s what it came down to.