Someone using MBS SQL Plugin with PostgreSQL on Linux or Mac?


if you use our MBS SQL plugin with Linux or Mac together with a PostgreSQL Server, could you contact me?

I’d like to have someone try our new internal postgre SQL client library.

or just try it:
Code like this in to initialize:

if InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS.Use then MsgBox "Using internal PostgreSQL." else MsgBox "Failed, so please use library file." end if

and newer plugin is here:

It works connecting to my PostgreSQL databases in 32-bit via a Mac.

great. Enjoy it.
And I hope I made all the right switches with supporting SSL.

I shall test it, but are you implying it should work across Mac, Linux and Windows now, 32 and 64-bit?

Windows is not there.
For Windows please use the DLLs.

Maybe someday I have time to fight Visual Studio to build the libs.