Someone in Toronto/Montreal?


I plan to come to Toronto and Montreal in mid March.
If someone here is interested, we could discuss having a Xojo developer meeting in those cities with me.


Me and Jonathan would go to a Montreal meeting!!

I created doodle surveys for the two meetings:



There is only about 50% chances that I will be available this time around. If I am available, it is going to be a pleasure.

Now, if you are in Montreal March 16-18, be sure to drop by Maurice-Richard Arena for the short track speed skating World Championships.

Just invited 50 people by email to join those meetings. I hope we see some reaction :slight_smile:

that’s next month.
Anyone else likes to participate in the surveys?

Are there suggestions for meeting locations?

For Montreal, we have 6 for 14th March, so we may pick that date.
For Toronto, we have 3 for 12th March.
Anyone else interested?

Dates set.

Anyone else wants to join next week?