Some UI feedback, and suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I’m just finishing up the feature set for the public release of ALS. This version has a completely updated UI and internals, with expression support, boolean comparators, string constants, libraries etc…

I’ve attached a screenshot of the new UI, I’ve tried to make it as uncluttered as possible. I’d love to know what you think of the design.

Also should I reduce the 20 pixel margin that Xojo likes to put around things? I’m thinking I should reduce it to same as the distance between the line number display and code editor.




My initial thoughts.

  1. Remove the left, right and bottom margins.
  2. Consider using the Big Sur style toolbar, for consistency across apps.
  3. Use the Apple help button in the toolbar, for consistency across apps.
  4. Consider using a more visible separator line between the code editor, sidebar and bottom information panel.
  5. Consider using sidebar material for the sidebar again for consistency across apps.
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Thanks Sam,

I am using a Monterey Toolbar, which to me looks pretty much identical to the one in pages:

I don’t have a side bar, so not sure about that. The line number, debugger and messages pane can all be hidden if wanted. Not sure about the separator line in that case.

I can’t find a help Icon on any Apple APP I have installed, but I’ll look it up.



The help button is there, if you take a pushbutton and change it’s type to “Help”. Here’s two examples, both using the Bug Sir style toolbar.
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10.37.39 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10.38.08 AM

I thought the the right hand column was a sidebar, sorry. Hammer sees everything as a nail :slight_smile:

And these are just suggestions, I won’t be upset if you don’t think they’re appropriate.

All good…


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I know that this layout and UI doesn’t apply to all apps, but here’s a screenshot of my latest Mac app.

Hoping it can be of some inspiration.


Some reduced margins and spacing, and some updated icons… I think better, never liked the large margins…


Nice, I’m assuming that is Big Sur? I’ve never seen it. Went from Catalina straight to Monterey…


It’s captured from Monterey (whatever the current version is), but it uses some of the Big Sur design language (like the unified toolbar). It looks like this on Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura.
I choose to use wide buttons for this design as I preferred them over the vertical buttons with that much blank horizontal space.

Nice… Mine is obviously a coding app / environment, so they all have consistent themes, so a bit more hard looking. :slight_smile:


i like to see a constant gap (margins and spacing with same distance). better configurable in mm.
not need this row numbers. only a status where the cursor is.
the run icon i would use the play icon. terminate a stop sign.
debugger not a search icon. messages something what speak or listen.
at compile something what create. options looks like a checklist.
at load and save maybe a arrow in and out of a folder.
at close the cross outside of text.

font size settings in mm if possible.

have you code folding?
possibility to hide/toggle remarks?

Hi Markus,

All the views can be turned off if you wish, leaving you with just the code…



Wish Xojo would have this option. Yes, filed a feedback years ago.


Mac Apps usually don’t have open or save buttons, so, I hope, they’re configurable. And I don’t know of an App with those margins with a separation line on the window edges. The content always goes to the edges.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Some nice updates I think… All the tools turned on / off and somewhere in between.


and if you need more you could add full screen and context menu to change tabs.
sublime editor have a nice source code mini map to scroll up and down.

Thanks Markus,

I already have full Screen mode if wanted. Just click the full screen button. All saved in the Prefs file as well so the editor will open how you left it.


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