Some Questions Regarding Einhugur StyleGrid

I’ve downloaded Einhugur’s StyleGrid demo and have been going through the examples. I’m evaluating different candidate grid controls
and thought I’d at least see what one can do with this plugin.

Definitely beginner questions…

How would I make a grid resizable (grab a side or corner and expand or shrink the grid)?

How do you control the size (?) or appearance (?) of a grid when it is displayed? By this I mean in design (window design pane) when I
change the size of the grid this is the size that appears at run time. So if I have less rows and columns than the designed size can handle I get
unwanted row(s) at the bottom and unwanted column(s) to the left.

I probably have a ton of questions (for Einhugur in time) but a heads up on simple stuff will help this evaluation along.

Thanks in advance.

The grid takes a little getting used to, cells have styles – stuff like that. It is certainly more abstract than other grids I have used over the years. Once you figure out how things work, you get used to. Just start with their examples and play around with them. The documentation is pretty thin in some spots, but you can usually get questions answer on the Einhugur email list. I like poking through the old RS forum and reading the threads. I use the ListBox for smaller needs and the Style Grid for more data-intensive needs.

Sorry for the slow response (road trips can do that).

I know from experience that I’ll have to play around with this or any other grid control I might look into. At this time it looks
like a jumble of jig saw pieces with no really good picture to help guide me along (I suspected the documentation was a bit lacking).

I’ll try your suggestion to use their email list. Thanks again Melvyn.