Some questions about iOS support

I’m designing an app that we’ll build next year and I want it to have a companion on iOS (so imagine how thrilled I am that Xojo will be able to do that).

I know iOS is in very early stages, but I was wondering if it might be possible to get some questions answered, mainly to do with file access.

#1 Will I be able to use binarystream to read and write files on iOS?
#2 Can I use the built-in Xojo database tools?
#3 I use a lot of NSDictionaries in my current apps for data, because they can easily be written out and read in, will this be possible for iOS?

I’m designing this app to use as little declares as possible, mainly sticking within the Xojo toolbox (as we may do a Windows version), in the hopes that it might be easier to build with iOS. Is there anything you are aware of that I should avoid?

I would strongly advise against writing any code now that you intend to share with iOS in the future. As Xojo announced as XDC 2013, the iOS target will use the new framework.

I would have the same questions, but for the moment I am trying to work on an “interfaceless” program, to maximize the cut and paste possibilities when the time comes to experiment with Xojo Mobile.

I have had success cutting and pasting between desktop and web, and I gather the process maybe the same between desktop and iOS.

Because the iOS support is now at best for March, I shall now refrain from too much hope in having specific information. Not being yet in alpha, the monster must still explode left and right :wink:

Crap - because this app is scheduled to be well under way in Jan… In Principle the concept is relatively simple… Ha! So was HDR in concept (pushing 128-Bit floating point pixels)…

It’s also an app that I want to use, as well as sell, so I suppose I’ll just build myself a prototype first and see how it goes. I’ll try my best to keep it as flexible as possible.

Will the new framework break existing apps? Or only be required for iOS?

The answer you’d get from me and the answer you’d get from Xojo will be very different.

For writing iOS applications it will be required - there is no “old framework” there.

When the new framework moves to web, desktop & console apps you should be able to intermingle the code and move to the new framework incrementally.