Some docs articles have been modified to work for api v2 with no indication of the changes

Hi there, I was dusting off some old code and while using the docs articles synthax in the docs i was getting some errors, i’ve found some articles (like the one on arrays) that used the api v2 synthax without any mention of the 2019R2 minimum xojo version. As some of us will still use api v1 for a while, could you kindly set up a clone of the docs(call it docsv1) using a backup BEFORE you started changing the articles to comply with api v2, so we can use it without scratching our heads?

Xojo could do with installing it would enable you to browse the docs site as it was on a certain date so you could pick a date just before the 2019r2 launch and see the 2019r1.1 docs.

Can’t you just use the built-in docs of whatever version of the IDE you are using?

Set the change in the Preferences…

Good to know on the builtin language reference, even if the rendering is sometimes weird.

See yesterday’s discussion for some possible workarounds: