Some controls not showing where they should in some resolutions

I have an app that has some windows with Fixed Size that I want it that way. Everything seems to be working fine at the supported resolutions. I added a few controls that looked just fine, but when that app is running with Resolution set to 1366x768 the new controls are not where they were placed.

Anyone see this or have any idea why this might be?

Which platform? What was the original size?

Sorry Greg, I should have posted more info. Been busy today. In any case, here’s the details.

I do my Xojo coding on my Mac where my Resolution is 2560 x 1440.

I’ve purposely designed the screens in this app to be 1024x768 and they are fixed and none of them are higher width height settings than 1024x768. I’ve tested the app on different systems and resolutions in the past with no issues.

When the issue occurs, it’s happens on Windows. I haven’t yet tried it on Linux to see what happens at the lower resolutions. What puzzles me is that most of the controls are right where they should be. The recently added are fine too if I’m at 1920x1080. But some of the lower resolutions give me the issue with just the newly added controls.

I’ll be doing more testing to try and nail it down, but this is strange and wondering if anyone has seen it and have an explanation or suggested fix.

Make sure the locking is set the way you expect.

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I would guess it is an issue with ScaleFactor and possibly units (point vs. pixel).

That was it.