Some big improvements

Hi Everyone,

While hurriedly putting the finishing touches on a version of ALE for use in education, I have a second demo with them this Wednesday, I added some functionality I didn’t think I’d have time to get to, nor even imagined I could work out how, though using x86 assembler made it easier. I’ll let you puzzle over that unless someone wants to ask the question. The following little code snippet may give you an idea, and it’s a huge functionality update.

	call doubleNumber, 50
	pop r0

	mov 1,eax
	int 0x80

	myVal N, 0
	pop myVal
	shl myVal
ret myval

I’m sure you’ve all guessed, you can now add parameters and return values from subroutines which is so needed to write effective and reusable code.

I think the new editor looks pretty nice as well and after all of this is over the changes I’ve made for this version will trickle back into the Xojo version. ( see @Alyssa_Foley I don’t put Xojo all in upper case any longer :slight_smile: )

I’d love some feedback on the look of the new editor. It also has fully integrated help and interrupt support for writing to the screen and reading from the keyboard. It is essentially a complete assembly language studio, as one of my friends likes to call it, in which you can code, run and debug your assembly code in a safe sandboxed environment.

I find myself just playing with it for fun and with everything having a keyboard shortcut it’s a joy to use.

Take care



Haha! You say XOJO, I say Xojo! Love the updated look of the “complete assembly language studio” :slight_smile: