Socket.Get = error 1

So I’ve read that error 1 is returned when the file is a directory or could not be created (by the socket.get method)

I am trying to download a file to the temp directory (I had the idea it was a sure location to download files regarding permissons) but in SOME windows machines this is failing…

I don’t get it, since I am creating a folderitem which is not nil, (SO I suppose it is being created created successfully)

Here’s the code…

[code]Download = new FolderItem(SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child(FileName.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF8)))

If Download <> Nil Then 
  main.UPDATESOCK.Get(AUTOUPDATE.DireccionHTTP+NombreOnline, Download)

What could be causing this error 1 ?

The code you posted creates a folderitem object, but does not create the file on disk. You could attempt to create the file and show an error if it fails.

Hey Tim,

You mean create a file and check for any errors ?
Not sure I am getting you. How do I make sure the file is actually created on the hd ?

Yes, attempt to create the file before calling the socket. You may need to remove it if it succeeds. At least you’ll know if that is the real problem, or if you’re getting a 1 returned for some other reason.

Well, for now switched to shareddata folder and it seems to be working. I don’t have much time (nor access) to the PC showing the problem for testing.