Socket 102 error

So this code used to work fine:

loginSocket.SetRequestHeader “Authorization”,"Basic " + EncodeBase64(Email.text + “:” + Password.text)

And now it’s returning a 102 Connection Lost error. I know the url is good, as a curl call like this works:

curl -X POST -d “” -u

If I put a debuglog in the socket’s Connected event, it never gets called. Similarly, app execution never gets to the socket’s HeadersReceived or PageReceived events.

Any ideas?

Most likely the provider has turned on TLS as a response to POODLE.

Interesting. But would that still leave my curl call functioning? If that’s the issue, is there a Xojo-friendly solution?

I was using a HTTPSecure socket, so I just set the type to tlsv1 & everything started working again.

That seems to have done it, thank you! So ISPs are just disabling SSL3 traffic?

Yes. Usually without warning.

So far, I have one site I was able to make the change ahead of time and one that only worked with SSL. So try to update your code preemptively. Just test it first.