SOAP Confusion - Help

Hello guys,

I have a SOAP service and I need to get some methods in the CallPoint but unfortunately I look into the examples which are super simple and there are no other details about this

So I have the URL :

and here I have few methods, one of which is

There , if I use SOAP UI I have to put the following details in the Request body :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="urn:service_schema:2_0:common"> <soapenv:Header/> <soapenv:Body> <urn:GetFilteredMessagesRequest> <urn:RequestInfo> <urn:ApplicationToken>TokenID</urn:ApplicationToken> </urn:RequestInfo> <urn:MessagesFilter> <!--Optional:--> <urn:Folder>INBOX</urn:Folder> </urn:MessagesFilter> </urn:GetFilteredMessagesRequest> </soapenv:Body> </soapenv:Envelope>

and in the app I get all the details , now , how do I do that in XOJO side ?

I did a test like this :

[code]Dim wsdl As String = “http://localhost:8081/services/UMService/2_0?WSDL

Dim sm As New SOAPMethod(wsdl)
Dim sr As SOAPResult

Dim ApplicationToken As String = “asfasfa”
Dim Fld As String = “INBOX”

sm.Parameter(“ApplicationToken”) = ApplicationToken
sm.Parameter(“Folder”) = Fld

sr = sm.Invoke(“GetFilteredMessages”)

But it seems that I get Incorrect parameters, any idea how those things should be handled ?

It’s my first time to work with those and it’s quite confusing .

Any help is welcomed.

Thanks in advance

No expert in soap, but would requestinfo and messagesfilters not be the parameter names? Are your functions set up to expect arrays?

From what I can tell the built in SOAP classes do not support complex parameters. You will probably need to construct the call using the XML and HTTPSecureSocket classes instead.

hello guys, thanks for the advices.

Honestly I saw some posts on the forum and I was afraid about the answer Isaac just give but I guess it is not to much hard to implement and SOAP same as XML are in a way a big headache when dealing with Windows Env from a Mac perspective but thanks to XOJO I guess things could be done to work .

Thanks again and I’ll dig into the new option to see what it can be done.

Hi back , any idea on how to do that ? this is a new domain for me and unfortunately does not work with the XOJO SOAP I guess due to the complexity of the SOAP I cannot use that so I’m obliged to start from pure XOJO and sockets but I need a starting point .