So excited for web 2.0 and more

Just saying. So glad xojo team is able to juggle all this awesome stuff. I will be upgrading from 2015r4

web 2.0 isnt in 2019r2 just FYI

web 2.0 will come “later” according to the roadmap

[quote]web 2.0 will come “later” according to the roadmap[/quote]Based on R2, that is both exciting and scary…

you might read the various perspectives on
its not all doom and gloom nor is it all sunshine and light

Quite right. I tested R2 all through the beta phase. It is OK. But we should proceed with caution.

There are issues as indicated in the reviews, and for example I find that if you adhere to API 2.0 and use third party components, it is going to be a bit of a challenge. Date pickers come to mind. They all use Date. If you define your application dates as DateTime, going back and forth between the application saved data and the date picker is going to be a bit of a challenge. I wrote a small method that does the conversion from DateTime to Date (I called it ToDate. Wonder why…) that extends DateTime. It eases the assignment of dates to third party controls and/or classes. Now, it was with a small application and the goal was to see if I could handle third party controls at all using API 2.0. Verdict: Yes, we can do it, with just a bit of extra work. I did not attempt converting a larger application to API 2.0, for reasons mentioned in the reviews.

as soon as I need them, I always make small methods “ToSomething” to convert from one type to another.
I assume I will have to make some more for API 2.0 !

To be honest, API 2 is a lot less painful than the ill fated New Framework!

except for iOS you could just not have used the new framework and your desktop code was unaffected
cant say that for API 2.0 where you’ll get piles of deprecations :slight_smile: