So close with the dates

Hi Guys.

One final question, now that I have pretty much resolved all of the issues I had so far, thanks very much due to your help.

I have been trying to get a listbox row number, and for the life of me I can’t remember how to do it. I always get a -1 value.



To you mean the index of the selected row of a ListBox (or DesktopListBox)?

SelectedRowIndex is the new property.
ListIndex was the old one.

Both return -1 when no row is selected.

So I actually have to select the ROW to get a value? I select a checkbox that is in a column in the row I want, and it WON’T give the row?

I MUST be doing something wrong, then. Because I have to have a value (row) to confirm the checkbox is selected in my column.


It does in the CellAction event you get the row and column as parameters.

After that event, you have to check to see if a checkbox is selected with CellCheckboxValueAt(row, col)

No. SelectedRowIndex is to obtain the currently selected row (not what you want).
CellTextAt(Row,Column) is a way to get the value of a cell regardless of whether it’s selected or not.
If your first column has a checkbox, pass “1” for the 2nd column.

Ahh… I think the light just went on!
Thanks for the reply.

Thanks. With that and the previous response from Tim I think I know what I was doing wrong and how to correct it.

As was said earlier… “Stay tuned…”