SMTPSocket Problem

I just tried to use the SMTP-Socket on a XOJO- Web App.

What I did is: I created a class with a super SMTPSocket, placed an instance of this into a webdialog. Even without any program on this webdialog, when I start the compiler I got the following errormessage (It was in german, so I try to translate it :wink: ):

Position: Layout (PropertyName)
Problem: Parameters are not kompatible with this function name

What was my mistake?


OK - I solved the problem by myself …
I have to place an instance of that class to the related webpage where an instance of the webdialog is placed …
Now it runs fine and send mails :slight_smile:

How did you did it, i cant connect to the server

the main information are:

SMTPSocket.address = “
SMTPSocket.port = 587
SMTPSocket.username = “
SMTPSocket.password = “apassword”
if SMTPSocket.isconnected the
msgbox “SI”
msgbox “No”
ned if

i got “No”

XOJO release 3 win and mac