SMTPServer in Web App


I could not figure out how to get a SMTPServer added to my current WE app. I have one in another app that I tried to copy and paste. but it would not paste into it.

Then I remebered this from a previous post and
followed these instructions to get a SMTPServer in my project:

Click “Insert” in the upper left corner of the IDE and select “Class”
Select the new Class1 in the left hand side of the IDE
In the inspector, change its name for SMTPServer
Click the pencil next to Super
In the dialog, enter SMTP in the search field
Select SMTPSecureSocket

Now when I try to run I get: Parameters not compatible with this function:

This shows SMTPServer1.Name Layout (Property name)

Why is this happening?


Are you trying to place the class on something other than a WebPage (like a dialog or container)? See

Also, note that there is an SMTPSocket class and an SMTPSecureSocket class. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of which one you’re using.

You can’t put non-WebControls into the tray on a WebPage, WebDialog or WebContainer. If you need this functionality, subclass the object so you can implement the events and create a property on the view with the super set to your new subclass.

Can you point me to an example, I’m not sure how to do that. Or some tutorial on subclassing controls.