SMTP Secure Socket R2019.2.1

Anyone have an issue with SMTP Secure Socket Property Name in Release 2019.2.1? When I analyze a Project in the new release get the following error:

ForgotPwdPage.SendSocket.Name Layout (property name) – Type mismatch error. Expected Integer, but got TextLiteral Name.

Don’t get this error in Release 2019.1.1. Reverting back to this release until the issue can be resolved or explained.

What name does your socket have? Is it a reserved name? I have one SMTPSocket left and don’t get this error.

The name is “SendSocket” and defined as an SMTPSecureSocket. Since this isn’t an issue in 2019 R1.1 I searched in the 2019 R2.1 Release Notes and didn’t see where “SendSocket” has been defined as a reserved name. Since I removed 2019 R2.0 from my development machines, I am unable to determine if it became a reserved name in that release which I assume would have carried forward to 2019 2.1.

Its not a reserved name
Would have to have a copy of the project but I have a suspicion about what might be causing this

Norman, I find it interesting that the same project with no modifications errors in 2019 R2.1 but no issues in 2019 R2.1. Would be interested in what your suspicion(s) might be.

well there are / were some property changes between 1.1 and 2.1 and I wonder if one of those is tripping things up
perhaps in 1.1 the default connection type is set to something that no longer exists in 2.1 ?

I’ve seen the case where its a property value like that but the IDE cant show you the specifics so you get an error like this

Same code, different behavior in different IDE versions is a IDE related problem. As Norman is a prior Xojo Engineer, he intuits internal things out of user control. But I can say it seems a bug needing a report.

Is this a control that is on a layout ?
if so open the project in 2019r1.1 and 2019r2.1 at the same time (DO NOT edit it in both !)
Just want to look at the settings you can see
Compare the property setting and see if there is one that is different (or missing) in 2019r2.1 from the 2019r1.1 version
That may be relevant here