SmartData™ for SQLite (Now free)

{Zoclee}™ SmartData is a bespoke SQLite database editor designed to make data authoring easy and convenient.

It was written from ground up in Xojo, and are released for Windows, OS X and Linux.

For a more information, or to download {Zoclee}™ SmartData, you can visit the product home page at .

I downloaded the demo for macOS
Fired it up… and immediatedly got

Uh… I hadn’t even been given a chance to do anything… so what database is it seeking and what location is it expecting to find it?

a few more observations…

  • it can’t handle large tables (million + rows)… or at least I gave up waiting
  • shows a table as EMPTY if it were created with the “WITHOUT ROWID” constraint
  • doesn’t support table VIEWS, Indexes or Triggers (or so it seems)

I will look into this for you Dave. It might be that it is trying to access the license file (database) that accompanies the application, but I will have to confirm this.

Will do some stress testing on my side to see if we can improve access to large data sets.

Will also look into this.

It doesn’t support these features yet, but I have created feature request tickets for this, and this should be available in a future version.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback Dave. I will make sure to post more information as development progress.

@Alwyn Bester - you could consider using the Lexing control to provide syntax SQL highlighting .
I use it in my query-builder project for more than a year now and it works super.

This exercise seems to be pretty popular nowadays. :wink:

Welcome in the game.

Check there Easy Display SQLite to watch mine.

Mine is pretty simple, reject > 64 Columns Tables, does not shows TABLE VIEWS, TRIGGERS, INDEXES, etc.

In mine, there are some special buttons (special here means for my own use, I will remove them later), other squared buttons are work in progress, etc.

Oh, and look at the other window… and always check a copy of your SQLite db file.

I shared this application… 2 years ago (2015-08-30 ). Rough, but displays what I need.


[quote=335989:@Joost Rongen]@Alwyn Bester - you could consider using the Lexing control to provide syntax SQL highlighting .
I use it in my query-builder project for more than a year now and it works super.[/quote]

I will take a look at Lexing. In the meantime I did create a feature request ticket for Syntax Highlighting, so expect to see it in a future version.

Alwyn I gave it a quick spin. I received the same message as Dave (MacOS)

If I close the main window I am stuck. I understand a license is required for the “New” menu item but the “Open” menu item is grayed out as well. I need to quit and relaunch. (MacOS)

A couple of things that would be nice

Remember window size/position on relaunch.
Recent files.

Does it handle encrypted databases?
Any plans for CubeSQL support?

Thank you for all the feedback Peter.

I plan to do some proper testing on MacOS for the next version to resolve all the issues you and Dave are experiencing on MacOS.

There is already a future request ticket for recent files, and I’ve created another feature request ticket request for the remembering of window size/position on relaunch.

Yes, it handles encrypted databases, but currently only for AES-128 (OFB) encryption. This should be fine for working with encrypted databases in your Xojo projects.

Our first goal is to get SmartData as stable as possible on all platforms, where after we’ll evaluate how to proceed with the tool. I’ll make sure to include the possibility of adding support for CubeSQL in our discussions and planning.

PS. The Open menu item should definitely NOT be grayed out. Will look into this.

I wouldn’t be to concerned about this one. Most professional tools only show the top 1000 rows. You could build in pagination, but in practice one writes a query to limit what one needs.

I always use the free SQLite Browser (, which works nice so be aware that if you plan to sell it, it will need some extras, not freely available.

To build queries, I use FlySpeed SQL Query, windows only I think, ( because it has a familiar visual builder like MSAccess. Could be an idea to add this ‘extra’ in your tool :wink:

I am considering the pagination idea to allow for the convenient editing of large data sets. Will play around with a few ideas to see what we can come up with.

We have a lot planned for the tool. One of the focus points at this stage is CSV support. To make it super easy to import and query CSV data with the tool. (or to export CSV data). But I hear what you say… some extras will have to be on the table :wink:

I will definitely take a look at FlySpeed. The idea with SmartData is to make working with data as easy and convenient as possible, and such a tool might add to that goal.

Thank you for the ideas Alain. Much appreciated.

Here’s another one… SQLite Manager which is a Plugin/Add in for Fire Fox browser, it seems to work really well:

SQLite Manager

I use Navicat Premium, the one fits all solution for database-developments.
Not cheap but provides everything you need. Available for Mac and Windows.

The SQLite Manager plugin looks real neat Joseph.

Yes, I’m well aware of Navicat. It definitely is a well-matured DB solution.

Time for me to get back to coding now so that I can catch up with the competition :wink:

You’re doing well Alwyn.

{Zoclee}™ SmartData v2.0.9 is now available for download.

You can download the latest version at

This version mainly focuses on smoothing out the user experience for OS X users.

Release Notes:

[Fix] Fixed “Database file doesn’t exist in the specified location” error on OS X.
[Fix] Fixed issues with release notes on OS X.
[Fix] Menu items on application menu are no longer grayed out on OS X when the main window is closed.
[New] Window size/position is now remembered on relaunch.

It turns out the error was caused by code written for Windows that uses command line parameters when you open files from the explorer using the “Open With” option. This should be sorted now in version 2.0.9.

Both of these are now sorted out in version 2.0.9.

Menu issues fix confirmed.
Window size/position is not working for me. Always opens fully expanded to display (not fullscreen mode).
Another quirk…

From t_project
Join t_workorder On t_project.project_id = t_workorder.project_id
Join t_vendor On t_workorder.vendor_id = t_vendor.vendor_id
Join t_expenditure On t_workorder.workorder_id = t_expenditure.workorder_id

My resulting records are not distinguishing the two fields “name”. I get the vendor name in both columns of the listbox. Easy enough to workaround with aliases but shouldn’t have to.

Edit: Also there is not edit menu so I had to contextual click to paste in a query I created outside the app.

Thanks for the feedback Peter. I’ve created tickets for

  • Window size/position not working as expected on OS X
  • Distinguish between similar columns without using aliases
  • Add edit menu to SQL window.

Peter, with regards to the window size/position, could you please confirm for me if the position/size is at least saved when your window is not maximised? E.g. if you set the window to a size smaller than the screen and move it to some position, close the app and then re-open it, that it remembers this size and position correctly?

You can replay previously runned queries using the replay icon above the SQL console window, or run queries directly from files using the file icon above the SQL console window. But I will add a proper edit menu for the SQL console.

I have already implemented the Recent Files, which will be in the next version.

Before I do the next release though, I would like to just give some attention to the issues Dave mentioned as well, like for example dealing with very large data sets efficiently.

Once again, thank you for the feedback.