Small Corporation App the the Mac Store

Due to the recent lockdown, I might find some “leisure time” for trying an iOS app. Obviously, it is not a problem creating an app for use by a small client corporation, as long as I will share an account with Apple until they have finished their testing. But such a secret app showing customer data is difficult to describe with screenshots (as they would contain sensitive data as well.

Is it enough to share only the entry screen in such a case, or how are others dealing with this?

a) You remove the sensitive data.
b) Why can’t you use the simulator?
c) What about wireframing?

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a) I thought the screen has to show “the reality”. To be more precise. One customer has a handful of subsidiaries. This app would probably show them on icons.
b) fair enough, I had the impression that the reviewers want to see what they are actually testing and “seeing”. At least I proved that I haven’t worked on iOS apps yet ;-).
c) Again, I wasn’t aware that would be possible. Great news, and thank you for these hints!

App Store review requires the actual app, not wireframes/screenshots. If your app accesses data online then you should provide a sample data set for review. In my case, I have a special username/password for App Store review – which contains our demo data – and there’s a place for you to provide those login details when you submit your app.

Also worth noting: based on the device logs that our app collects, they mostly test on iPads so it’s worth testing that your app works on iPads before submitting it.

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You can do private distribution on the App Store particularly if your client has a business manager account. My first release was for a school district that paid for the app to be developed. Only they received that release.

That bit was clear to me, I was only talking about the screenshots we need to create to show the app in the store? Do they need to show the actual app or can they show mockups? That part isn’t clear to me.

This Apple page says to “use images captured from your app’s UI”. Personally I use the iOS Simulator to create screen shots for my app and then to add the device frame and some text describing each screen shot.

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Thank you. I’m not sure about the word “particularly”. It seems to me that it is a must have: … Those potential “customers” are to small for a business case or NPOs and this process will unfortunately fail with them, or last an eternity … I think adhoc distribution will be the answer, will all the issues related, for instance users not knowing how to find their UUID. I have to look if MBS has something to offer here, so that I might be able to write a small tool for them. Targeted people will at max be 5 people per organization.

This is less about making big money but offering them a small tool to monitor some specific IT systems. They can already do this via Web or Desktop. This project is more about getting into iOS dev for me, but it only makes sense if the endusers can really use it one day :-).

Yes, there are some requirements that the business has a volume purchase account or a business account set up with Apple. I don’t know what the requirements are on the business side. If it is a very small business, then an ad hoc distribution may be the correct way to go.

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yes, they are too small and too anxious to go through any “paper work” :-). I only want to try iOS during lock down and build something useful. It will only be for a few guys in their ID department. They all have iPhones but no Macs,

I need to find a way to get the UUID of their devices in an easy way. Not sure if @Christian_Schmitz has a plugin for that in MBS. Unless they will get a popup showing the UUID, or even better sending it to me via email by clicking a button, this will never fly … yes, they are working in IT but still … ;-).