Slow TextArea1.StyledText = TextArea2.StyledText

I found quite slow doing this: TextArea1.StyledText = TextArea2.StyledText
5 seconds for 500 lines :-/ … is there a reason for that? or a faster way to move styled text from one TextArea to other?


with plugins?

MBS Plugin can do that on Mac and Windows.

like this:

#if TargetWin32 then TextArea1.WinRTFDataMBS = TextArea2.WinRTFDataMBS #elseif TargetMacOS then TextArea1.NSTextViewMBS.textStorage.setAttributedString TextArea2.NSTextViewMBS.textStorage #else TextArea1.StyledText = TextArea2.StyledText #endif

I will try…

For what it’s worth, I had similar styled text problems (speed was only one issue, but a big one) and Christian’s WinMBS plugin saved the day. I can’t speak highly enough of the results I got with the MBS plug, but even more so, of Christian’s support in helping me find the answers I needed in how to best use the plugin to achieve the specific results I required.