Slow IDE (Linux Mint/Cinnamon)

Hi all,

i’ve just installed Xojo 2019r1.1 on Linux Mint 19.1/Cinnamon.
After about 30 minutes work the IDE slows down. I must wait several seconds before menus are opend or to see appear what i wrote.

Anyone knows if there is some solution to this?


It is a known issue and there currently isn’t a solution. It doesn’t matter how much RAM you have or how fast you processor is. It’s tied to a memory leak related to what many of us see as Undo/Redo since the memory use grows with simple keystrokes.

Hi Tim,
thanks for answering

hi there,

i was looking for this problem in the feddback tool.
The index is 56358 and the status is "Close (dublicate) of 46104.
But the entry 46104 is about OS X 10.11.6…

I don’t understand why this issue already exists for two years. The IDE is the base to prgram with Xojo. But in this time it is impossible !

There are a few more for you to comment on:

<> (this one is marked as fixed, but we’re still seeing some evidence)