slider value is?

There is apparently no value that is reported for either slider or scrollbar. On a textarea, I don’t mind. How do I get the value or valuechange of a slider?
Am I missing something in the LR?

Slider1.Value (or what ever name you gave it)

The LangRef is your friend

All the LR says is integer. It gives no method for calculation. Is it pixel or percentage

its a value… between min and max
it has no unit… it is what you decide it is

if you set the min to 0 and the max to 1000 and slide it 1/2 way the value is 500
500 what? that depends on why you put a slider/scrollbar there to begin with

Just to clarify. It is percentage and not pixel?
It also has no start as in 0 - left/right - top/bottom
Mine is vertical

it is NEITHER …
it is a value between MINIMUM and MAXIMUM… ok… based on the percentage the slider is postioned within the control, but the value is NOT a percentage (unless min=0 and max=100)

the point is YOU don’t have to calculate anything… just read the value…
If you want a fractional return, the divide VALUE/100 or something

Thankyou. So in Slider1 I have area.fontsize = area.fontsize + me.value.

If you want to use a slider to change a fontsize then just do this

Slider1.minimum=8  // or what ever you want the smallest font to be
Slider1.maximum=96 // or what ever you want the biggest font to be

in Slider1.Valuechanged


your code would never allow you to make the font smaller… it would grow and grow and grow because you keep ADDING to it

Thanks. I did fortunately find the note of max and min for the slider.
Xojo accepts me.value

always has