Skype with terminal

Anybody have any examples of how to use Skype with terminal on Mac and Skype with command line on Windows. Just looking to make send a number to dial out of a desktop program that is cross platform. Being used for an in house marketing program so no need to input the username and password unless its required to use it. Thanks.

skype /callto:nameornumber in windows, works, just tested it

showurl("skype:+nameornumber?call") in macos (can probably use that in windows too)

Automatic dialing and marketing raises some red flags here.

Killjoy :smiley:

Tim Parnell, not talking about robocalls here. The only thing that will happen is that the user will press dial number and it will send the command to Skype to dial the number and the the marketing person will talk to the recipient. No red flags here. Just need a way for an external dialing program to receive a command from my program.

An unsolicited phone call does not have to be a robot. Sounds like the app that helps the call center drone get through their list.

Its not an unsolicited call, it is to our current customers that have given us permission to call and follow up with them. We are only a small company with three employed and only 90 schools as our clients… An unsolicited phone call is not illegal, it just has to follow certain rules. However this is not what I am talking about. In our case, we will select a contact from our list, click the dial button and send it to Skype to dial and then talk to our customer about how the software is working. Not sure that it raises any “red flags.” Just using Skype because my thought was that if the work has already been done for me then I didn’t need to write code to communicate with an external modem. Just trying not to reinvent the wheel here.

There’s plenty of apps out there than will dial a phone from a companies internal list of contacts, its just a time saver and stops misdials, we did this back in the day with modems.